Garage, Shed and Kitchen

T minus 187

A good morning and another trip to the dump leaves the garage a lot clearer. That which remains will go to a car boot sale – we’re currently looking at 23rd March – so stay tuned.


The afternoon it’s the turn of the shed.






Inside Anita has started on the Kitchen clutter



Meanwhile looking to get house valued – regardless of renting and selling. This is booked for Wed. Once we know we can form up a decision either way.

We’ve now had application forms for the kids at Isamilo. This will be a formality (we hope) but still needs to be done.

6 responses to “Garage, Shed and Kitchen

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  6. Not only the Longs leaving home, but found a mouse’s ‘des res’ in a drawer. A lot has been thrown out and garage looks much bigger.

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