Welcome / Karibuni

We are a couple (Graham & Anita) with two teenage children.

We live in Mwanza where Graham has taken up the post of Head of ICT at Isamilo International School.

This blog will chart our life in Mwanza and our travels through Africa and the life there after. It’s going to be scary and exciting, stressful and exhilarating. We have left behind a house we have lived in for 16 of our 19 years married and a town where between the 4 of us we have lived for 83 years!

Life in a developing country is going to be different. We are looking forward to discovering the town, the region, the country and the continent.

  1. Helpful blog Anita:) Looking forward on stopping your blog!!


  2. Dear Graham and Anita,
    i am evaluating a job offer in Mwanza. I am italian and think to move there with my husband and two children, one five years old and other 9 months. i am interested to understand quality of life there, health facilities and international school organization.
    It is possible to get in contact with you by private e-mail.
    Looking forward to get your reply,
    kind regards.

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  3. hello Graham family my name is Veronica living in Mwanza I would like to welcome you to this beautiful region I hope you will like it here

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  4. Hi Graham and Anita, with children! Nice blog! Looking forward to read about your adventures! I have travelled much in Africa myself, being very close to my hearth. But never been to Tanzania, I am therefore very excited to read more from your trip!
    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog, and liking one of my posts.

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  5. Think in terms of mountain camp. Climbing the highest and one of the most dangerous mountains: Everest is all about establishing a series of camps. Those camps are both rest places but since each is progressively higher they are targets to be reached. A series of camps provides a series of broken-down targets. Since you chose the mountain analogy break down what you’ve got to do in terms of camps. And rest, however briefly, when you get there. You will get there. 😊

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  6. Good luck with the move, and thank you for signing up to follow my blog! Be well! ^..^

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  7. Good luck. Spent a good chunk of my childhood in Mwanza in the 50’s and early 60’s, and went to the local primary school there before boarding at Mbeya two days away by steam train and bus). I remember we used to play on the rocks near the Yacht Club. Great to see you continuing the British connection, with your children too.

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  8. Hello Graham and Anita, great to know that you are following our blog, which is a little behind but gradually catching up.
    Good luck to you both in your new job in Mwanza. We remember camping at the yacht club there during our African trip before going on to Uganda.

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  9. Hi Graham and Anita, this is Alison Dunnell, who will be coming to work at Isamilo School in Mwanza with my husband, Mark, in a couple of months. I found your blog online and have really enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to meeting you and your family soon.

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  10. Wow! that will be quite a move. Good luck with it!

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  11. How exciting. I have visited but never lived in Mwanza. Since the mid eighties I have spent many wonderful years (on and off) in Tanzania teaching, training and mentoring teachers. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time!

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  12. Hi Graham and family, I’ve sent you a couple of emails but they may have been sorted into your Junk. I’m your Buddy at Isamilo and am looking forward to meeting you. Let me know if you have any questions. In the meantime, happy packing and safari njema! Sandy

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  13. Thank you for following my blog. I wish you well in your new life and hope your move goes smoothly. We’ll be moving house and country too in November. Scary but exciting too.

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  14. How exciting. Safari njema! My OH spent 2 yrs in Tabora as a VSO. Then we were 8 years in Kenya. I write school fiction for African publishing houses btw. Just thought I’d slip that in. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  15. Hello! Thanks for popping by my blog. Funny – the past couple days I’ve been thinking about preparing my life for an eventual major change of totally changing career paths…possibly international teaching. And then I see that you checked out one of my posts… Huh. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing about your new adventures in Tanzania!


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  16. Hello Graham and family.

    My name is Mark and I shall also be joining you in Mwanza with my family as I take up the position of Head of Secondary. We are currently organizing our move from Stockholm so we understand and share the stresses you will be going through. Looking forward to meeting you all.

    Mark, Ali, Leon. Lottie and Frida

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    • Thank you Mark and family. I hope that your plans are progressing well. I look forward to meeting you and working with you in the coming years. Graham (Anita, Matthew and Rebekah)


  17. Hello, Apa kabar?
    I only remember ‘Hakuna Matata’ hahahaha…Thanks for visiting my little shanty Indonesia hut here. Nice to meet you and let’s visit each other often since now on.

    Salam manis


  18. A warm hello from Malaysia. Thanks for dropping by Duniyaku. The road to Mwanza sounds thrilling and understandably quite scary at the same time. So here’s wishing you all the best and may God Bless every step you take :) I look forward to readinh your adventures.

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  19. This sounds really interesting! Thanks for coming by my site! Back to the equator… =)

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  20. I look forward to reading your adventures. Thanks for stopping by my site and introducing me to yours.

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  21. Looking forward to meeting all of you guys!!!

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  22. I feel very excited for you all.

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  23. Great idea. We shall enjoy reading about all your adventures!

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